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Service Businesses for sale as of
Family Oriented Fitness Center
Great location with top of the line equipment. 800+ members. Staff include personal trainers.
Listing Agent: Philip Bertrand agent direct # 619-677-4645
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $150,000   193010 
Export of Communiation & IT equip
Home based business started in 1994 by seller and has 3 employees who work on salary plus commision. The work consists of bidding on parts/items requested by customers. Once the bid is accepted, the supplier then ships to the customer directly. Customers are the United Nations, the US Government and various agencies including US Embassies. Locations are world wide. Suppliers are mainly in China. A certain amount of working cash is required as suppliers usually require payment up-front and ustomers remit payment upon receiving orders. The seller is retiring Submit your down payment and seller will carry bck a note. New operator may do international business travel but it is not necessary. Seller is willing to train buyer in all aspects of the operation the operation. It will help if buyer is technically inclined along with having admin/sales skills.
Listing Agent: Rosalie Asaro Direct 619-29-4674
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $420,000   188616 
Franchise Health and Fitness for Women
Proven franchise and a 10-year location. Family health problem forces sale. Original start-up cost was approximately 65,000. All machines are well-maintaned and have converted plastic fittings to brass. 10-year computer database and proven business practices a bonus. New franchise cost 24,900 plus machine delivery cost of 2,000-3,000. You get 8 machines and 8 recovery stations . This location has added 6 machines (14 total) and 4 recovery stations (12 total) and CurvesSmart personalized coaching system at a cost of over 13,000. Monthly franchise fees are 5% Royalty (195 minimum to 795 maximum), 3% Advertising 95 minimum to 395 maximum) and 100 for CurvesSmart technology. Members pay 149-199 start-up fee and 34-54 per month for Club Membership and an optional 10/month for CurvesSmart technology. Roster shows over 200 current members with new members added each week. 1200 square feet with rent of 1698 (includes NNN) and shopping center parking. Other equipment includes 2 computers, 3 monitors, sound and video systems, lockers, cabinets, AED, hundreds of CDs, reception desk, ADA bathroom and member changing area. This is a help run facility with part-time employees. Work full-time and net more. Become a Zumba certified instructor with built-in clientelle. Call Mary Myers, Business Consultant.
Listing Agent: Mary Myers Direct - 760-518-5134
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $30,000   168122 
Card Laundry & Convenience Store
TWO BUSINESSES IN ONE. Partial financing available. Very clean laundromat with 59 stainless steel washers (12 single load, 24 double load, 16 triple load, 4 five load and 3 eight load) plus 22 stainless steel stack dryers (44 doors total). Owner added 80K computer system that tracks daily useage by machine and sets machine rates. Owner also owns a 5.5K touch-sensor VTM card maker. Other upgrades include (2) card converters, a change maker, full surveillance system with remote access and monitoring, a flat screen surveillance TV, (3) big-screen TVs, alarm system, and multiple table/chairs and folding countertops. Laundromat does gross sales of approximately 17K per month with a very profitable "fluff and fold" business. Store adds 25K in fixtures/equipment, 14K in inventory and 6K in monthly sales. East County location is in the heart of a good neighborhood surrounded by apartments without interior laundry hookups. Building has a total of 3392 square feet with current rent at 5028. Lease has 4 years left plus (2) 5-year options. Owner added a 99-Cent type Convenience Store less than one year ago that provides high profit sales and will substantially increase profits. Store provides convenient stop while doing laundry for stable goods such as soap, fabric softener, bleach, cleanser, milk, cereal, diapers, soft drinks and candy. Neighborhood needed a convenient early morning stop for milk, cereal and diapers and WIC will add high profits. Store has (2) double beverage coolers, multiple racks, counter, cash register, owned vending machines and an ATM machine. Room to add other services such as dry-cleaning agency counter and/or alteration station. Please call Mary Myers, Business Consultant for Business Opportunities Unlimited, at 760-518-5134 or email at
Listing Agent: Mary Myers Direct 760-518-5134
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $400,000   169511 
Small Upscale Plant/Drop Shop
Small scale Plant w/Newer Hydro Carbon Cleaning Machine, Washer - Dryer and Assorted Presses for Shirts and Suits, Dresses, etc. One man business w/3 Part Time Labor.
Listing Agent: Allen Bratcher - 858-761-5553
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $265,000   169601 
Coin Laundry
Large, profitable coin laundry...Nets $14 to $15k/mo....Call for details...
Phone: 619-283-2171
 $1,150,000   765-105 

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